Creative Compost

Creative Compost

I have multiple “books” in the works. They range anywhere from a measly 200 words to 17,000 words, not to mention all the ideas in my “idea book.” Some of these I know I am going to keep working on. Others, well, they may have already been placed into the trash bin and retrieved once or twice. I never really had the heart to “empty” the trash bin with them in there and now I am glad I didn’t.

A new story idea seeped into my head and would not leave me alone. It was like when it’s 20 minutes to 5 pm, and my dogs stare at me until I get off my butt and feed them their dinner. So I give in, and banging away at the keyboard, I realize that a portion of one of my old stories will fit perfectly into this new story. I open the file, and there it is, a little pearl just waiting to fit seamlessly into this new creation.

So lesson learned…nothing I write is ever a waste.

Even though I wasn’t able to move forward with some of the stories after a certain point, it doesn’t mean I wrote them for nothing and wasted my time. These words sit and ferment in some file (pile) until I use them in something new and better.
Like on Fraggle Rock, how Madame Trash Heap had so much good advice to give out, I am my own Madame Heap. I call it my Compost File.
That’s what it is to me, Creative Compost


(Awww, isn’t that ridiculous? The image of the beautiful garden growing from the former coffee grounds, lettuce that was forgotten in the crisper, and egg shells. But that’s how it feels)

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