Writer’s block?

Writer’s block?

Writer’s block? Who? Me?

No. I can say with all honestly I NEVER get writer’s block.

No, I suffer from something I think is much worse. Motivation block!

The problem for me has never been that I stared at the blank page with nothing to write. No, my problem is just getting my butt in my writing chair, opening up my laptop, and getting to work (before social media hijacks me).


Now I don’t know what causes this. Maybe it’s psychological…If I finish my next book, no one will like it… Maybe it’s because marketing is so hard and I loathe self-promotion. I don’t know. But all I know is that if I can just get my butt into that chair and open the laptop–avoiding all social media and emails–and bring up Scrivener, the words will flow. They might not flow for long, but they flow. And as long as I’m adding to my work-in-progress every day, I’m moving forward, and that’s great!

Now I know what to do to get my butt in that chair and my fingers typing away.

I’ve found the key!

See!  Here it is…key.jpg

Did anyone else’s mind immediately skip to THE GOONIES?

“I have found the key to one-eyed Willie!”200w_d

No? Okay, it’s just me then. But we’re all different, right? And maybe my key won’t open your motivationally locked door. But for me what works is…

Word Sprints!


And here’s why it works for me. I know I only have to sit down for 30 minutes. That’s not very long. It doesn’t feel overwhelming to me. It feels VERY doable.

Say…”Run a marathon,” and I’m hiding under a bed somewhere.

Say…”Run a mile,” and…okay, I’d still be hiding.

But….”Run a quick lap around the track,” and I feel like that’s not so bad. I can do that. And I’ll tell you what, every single time I do a sprint, I end up taking a few extra laps. It works even better when I have a buddy who is sprinting with me or cheering me along from the sidelines.

If you’re stuck, give it a try. It’s only 30 minutes. Or maybe try 20 or 10?

What works for you when you’d rather sit on the couch staring at the wall than get to work on your writing?

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