I’ve got some exciting news

I’ve got some exciting news

Hello friends,

I’m excited to share some news with you. I’ve decided to independently publish my middle-grade fantasy adventure novels.

To kick things off I will be releasing my first middle-grade fantasy adventure novel.


After living the nomadic lifestyle of a military child, Aster Finlay’s father is retiring, and her family is settling down into a more “normal” life. But when Aster discovers that she can communicate with animals, she realizes her life is going to be anything but normal.

*UPDATE – Since this original blog post, the title of my book has changed to Aster The Spirit Talker*

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11 thoughts on “I’ve got some exciting news

  1. I’m curious. Why did you decide to purchase a publishing package instead of doing it yourself? Do they market for you?


      1. Sorry, I read a bit about Whistlepig Publishing and made an assumption. How is Whistlepig involved if you are doing it yourself?


      2. 😀 I did not see that coming. Well, congrats. I hope the business works for you. I’m going back to the Whistlepig Publishing page to read it again.


      3. I searched Whistlepig Publishing and hit the first result without reading the title. Monday morning brain isn’t working well just typically. Congrats on self publishing. Good luck with marketing, it is the hardest part, but my experience suggests that if the book is good, word of mouth will sell quite a few copies.

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      4. Forgive my stupidity. I should read those Google search results more carefully. I’ve been thinking about give myself a Publisher name instead of just using my author name.


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