Book Launch Day is almost here

Book Launch Day is almost here

As those of you on my book launch team know, the launch day for Aster The Spirit Talker is very near–August 7th. I’ve worked hard and I’m ready for it. It’ll be nice to have my book in the hands of more readers 🤞🏻 Here’s hoping they find me!

I love to tell stories. I always have and I’m so excited to finally be sharing mine. (And a bit terrified 😱but it’s worth it)

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog, has joined my launch team, and has connected with me in a friendly, supportive way on social media.

There have been a lot of ups and downs but you all make the ups worth the downs. Woooo! Rollercoaster!


You all rock!

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2 thoughts on “Book Launch Day is almost here

  1. I’m sorry that I am just now getting around to catch up on your blog. I was honored to be a member of your launch team. I loved the book and was happy to leave a review and share the book with others. I look forward to more of your book launches and would be happy to be on future launch teams, if needed.

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