Being open to new experiences

Being open to new experiences

I read a blog the other day which discussed self-publishing. The author of the blog said while they understood the reasons that authors would self-publish that they didn’t feel it was worth the risk of reading them. Then she went on to say that she picked up a self-published book and it was full of errors and she couldn’t finish it. I’ve had that happen, too. I’ve also picked up traditionally published books that made it difficult to get through the first paragraph, let alone the first chapter.


I actually “liked” the blogger’s post because I know there are a lot of self-published works that don’t get the care that the book and the reader deserves. Many times I see poorly made, homemade cover art, no editing (done by a professional), and crap writing. There are even scammers out there stuffing books with crap just to make a quick buck.

The blogger of the article questioned why she should spend money on a book that’s self-published because it might not be worth her money and she’d rather spend her money on books by Random House. That’s fine. But why should self-published authors have to give their work away for free if it’s good just to get you to read it? When I read, I honestly don’t look to see who the publisher is. If a book sounds interesting, I’ll try it. I’ve found a lot of great things to read that way, and I’ve been disappointed in books that were on a list somewhere or published by the big five. But I had no problem with the article. If that’s what she thinks, it’s what she thinks. After all, risking $.99-$2.99 on an ebook might be difficult for some.


The disappointing part of the blog post, for me, came when a book blogger commented saying she wouldn’t even consider reviewing self-published books. I mean, if you’re asked to review a book, you’re getting it for free. So what’s the risk? If it sounds interesting, why wouldn’t you want to read it? Why would you ever pass up the chance to give the readers of your blog a fantastic book they might have never heard of? Be open to new experiences, discover new things, step outside your comfort zone.


There’s nothing I can do to change opinions like these since these are the type of minds that are entirely closed off to anything “risky” or new. But I can do my best to make my books the best that I can. I always hire a professional editor and professional cover artist and will continue to do so. I will also always encourage other indie authors to do the same.

I’m also going to start a book review tab on my website, and I’m going to stay open to reading and reviewing anything I find interesting. So if you’re an indie author, feel free to send me a review request at If I start reading your book and I don’t like it. I just won’t review it. I’ll also share my reviews here, and on Goodreads, for any book I pick up…because it looks interesting.

adult-attractive-beauty-255268 (1)
Hmmm, that’ sounds good. Yes! I’ll read it.

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