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Broken mask

It was only a mask, dear girl.

But the mask made you laugh,

And the mask made you smile.

But it was only a mask.

The masquerade did not last.

When reality dawned,

And the monster revealed.

You desperately clung to what was not real.

The broken mask,

lies on the floor.

The laughter and smiles

can be no more.



Blog · Poems & Shorts · Sneak Peeks


You held me.

Frozen in place

by nothing more

than your words.

Extremes of kindness

and anger.


to please you.


to enrage you.

Your silence more painful

than angry words could ever be.

But then new words told me

what you were doing to me.



Feeding on my codependence.

My focus shifts

from longing for you

to working on loving me. 


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Blog · Poems & Shorts · Sneak Peeks

A Poem

I don’t often write short stories or poems but I do from time to time. I’ll start posting them under Poems & Shorts. Here’s one.

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