How to overcome writer’s block

How to overcome writer’s block

How to overcome writer's block

A lot of people talk about writer’s block and how to overcome it. They suggest things like forcing yourself to write and while that might work for some, I don’t think it does. I’ve tried to make myself write but I’ve always found writing crap doesn’t help my work-in-progress in any way.

My best advice if you’re feeling stuck is the following:

  1. Don’t sweat it. The writing bug has bitten you before and it will again. If you’re relaxed and not trying to force it, I’m convinced you’ll get back into it much faster.
  2. Keep your work-in-progress in the back of your mind while you do other things. I always find that if I just let it percolate in the back of my mind, the solution often presents itself.
  3. Read something else. Sometimes you just need a break from your own words and worlds.
  4. Watch a movie or two or three. Take notes about how the story unfolds, what you like about it, or what you don’t. Sometimes figuring out what you like about stories helps you figure out what you want to do with your own.
  5. Talk a nice, lovely walk. (Take a notepad or your phone to jot down notes that are sure to flood it. They most likely will.)
  6. Take a shower. I always do my best thinking in the shower. I keep a waterproof notepad and pencil in mine because ideas always come. I think water is magic for the brain.
  7. Go for a drive. Turn up the radio. Have some fun. I’m convinced that enjoying yourself opens up the creative areas of your mind and lets the ideas flow freely.
  8. Think about (not worry about) your book while you’re falling asleep. Just have it in your mind, knowing that you’ll find the solutions. I’ve had characters come to me in my dreams and tell me how to work out plot problems.

In a nutshell, just relax. I believe forcing things binds your creativity, but relaxing will let it drift and tap into the universal core of creation. If you were meant to be a writer, and you’ve written before, you’ll write again. Just because words aren’t going onto pages at the moment doesn’t mean that you’re not working on a story idea or building up characters in your mind.


Wooohooo! Then celebrate when you start writing again and the next time you get stuck remember that it’s not permanent and will pass.

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Writer not writing

Writer not writing

Hello friends,

I cannot remember the last time I opened up my laptop and worked on my novel. Was it in June sometime? Has it really been since May?

So what’s keeping me from writing… writer’s block?

Not at all. The slow down started when I began querying my romance novel, Hearts Mingling. The querying process is extremely time-consuming, but more than that, it takes all the joy out of trying. As a matter of fact, querying kind of makes me feel like I hate writing. It’s a misplaced emotion. It’s not actually the writing I hate, but it does make it all seem pointless–like I’ll never find readers for my work if I can’t get by the gatekeepers.



I’ve also been taking a few courses. One–a marketing course for a small business I’ll be part-owner of and do the marketing for. The second–another marketing course, but this one is specifically for authors. As you know, in addition to my other small business, I’ve started my own publishing company, WhistlePig Publishing, to independently publish my children’s novels. Who knows, someday I may also be publishing my adult works as well.

All my time and effort has been going into these ventures, but at least I feel like I’m moving forward with my writing and my quest to find readers. I’m no longer stalled out in the querying trenches, spinning my wheels, and feeling like a loser.

I’ve begun building my book launch team and have been fortunate enough to have received excellent feedback from my readers. (And btw, all of you who have joined and been kind enough to let me know how you’re enjoying the book–THANK YOU! You have no idea how much it means that you’re willing to help. I suffer from imposter syndrome and doubt myself daily, so your words pull me out of some serious self-despising darkness).

If you haven’t joined my book launch team but would like to, click here to sign up to get your free review copy. Those who join, download the free ebook on launch day, and post their reviews will automatically be entered to win prizes.


It’s tough to be a writer who’s not writing, but at least I’m getting closer to writing again. I am now a writer who is planning on writing and feeling the excitement bubble build inside. The bubble that will grow until it bursts and forces me to sit down and write because I won’t be able to think about anything else.


I’ve decided to finally write the final two books for The Great Connection and turn it into a trilogy. I originally planned to do that, but then the query process smashed that thought into a million little pieces.

But now that I’m an indie author I can officially say, “Whatever, I’ll do what I want.”


So take that, gatekeepers. You can’t tell me what to write and you can’t keep my readers from making their own choices!



Be a good little manuscript!

Be a good little manuscript!

I’ve sent my baby out into the world. If my manuscript were a person, he’d have just gotten on the bus wearing a little backpack. And I’m standing in the driveway waving goodbye with tears streaming down my face.  bus-school-school-bus-yellow-159658

Goodbye, my darling.

My stomach is tied up in knots. Is he prepared? Did I do everything I could do to make sure he would perform well out there on his own?

I sent my manuscript to a beta reader, a critique partner, and an editor. I’m very nervous to find out what they’ll think. (It’s stomach churning misery)

This time is difficult for me. I’m already trying to find ways to occupy my time. I don’t think I’m quite ready to move on to a new manuscript but maybe I’ll work on my query and a synopsis. Did I ever mention how much I hate writing a synopsis? I REALLY hate it. It’s torture for me.


Eh, maybe I’ll put that off a little longer. Ha!

I could paint (I’m not good at it but I enjoy it) or practice my guitar. I might do some reading or binge-watch The Sopranos.

Whatever I do to occupy my mind, I’m excited for my little manuscript to come back to me because however he does out there in the world, I’m very proud of him.

giphy (29)

And as always, I’ll be working on my Patreon page to share some of my writing with my patrons.