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Guest post: A Sea of Emotions -by Zarrar Salahuddin

Guest post: A Sea of Emotions -by Zarrar Salahuddin

We, human beings, are nothing without our emotions. Emotions are what sets us apart from machines. Most of us are extremely expressive with our emotions, others not so much. But even those who do not show their emotions have lots hidden within them. With me, however, what you see is what you get. I show exactly what I feel, with no holds barred. I do not know how to keep my emotions locked up, I do not know how to keep it bottled up.

This trait of mine has not always been welcomed by people. Being scolded, treated badly or unfairly, ignored or made fun of, would bring tears to my eyes. I have always been an emotional person. I was always told to stop crying and “man up”. I had to bend and break myself to change this in me. I never truly stayed the same, once I changed that in me. Being an incredibly expressive person, I always was very open with showing my love as well to others. It could be anyone; my friends, family or a girl I had a crush on. I was never shy when it came to expressing love. Funny story, I once told a girl that she was the cutest damn thing I had ever seen. She wasn’t very amused, to say the least. I was fortunate not to get in trouble with the teachers. But, that was not the first (or last) time, I saw my emotions shrugged off. Many a times, I have had my hugs rejected and my love deterred. Many girls may say I am cute, but none would say that when I told them I liked them. So, this emotion of mine has also been largely locked up inside me.

Thankfully, I have been strong enough to not let the negative emotions in me rule my judgement. Maybe, it is because I have been brought up to be nice to everyone, regardless of how they treat me. But, the fact remains that I have had all the love locked up in me, for far too long, with no one to give it to.

This part of me is so well-hidden that I doubt anyone knows of this part of me. All everyone sees me as is a serious and no nonsense person, who has no emotions at all. But little do they know, I have a sea of emotions in me. But, now I know better than to show my emotions to everyone. Not everyone is worth it, only those who matter and I know very well who does.

But, hey, here is an insight into my life, I hope you enjoyed reading my unnecessary ramble. Thank you for reading, many thanks to the lovely Alice Compeau for this opportunity to express myself.

Good day, cheers and much love,




Thank you so much for writing a guest post on my blog today, Zarrar. You’re a wonderful writer and an amazing person and I’m glad to call you my friend. 

I’m happy, my dear readers, to introduce you to Zarrar and his writing. He has a blog you can follow at

You can also find him on Twitter  @ZarrarSalahPTI  You won’t be disappointed. He is one of my very favorite tweeps and a funny, supportive friend.