Ohio Indie Authors Group

Ohio Indie Authors Group

I’ve been a member of a few writer groups but they seem so big, I feel lost in a swell of people that I never get to know.

This is pretty much me in the forums…


The local SCBWI chapter was okay, but I’d like to write outside of children’s books without paying expensive dues to another national or global writing club.

how to write a book
I don’t need to part with more money!

What I’m looking to do is to build a group of Ohio authors that can help each other reach Ohio readers. So many other industries are making it possible to buy local products made by local artisans, but I still find it difficult to find books written where I live about the local people.

Ohio writers group
I love buying local!

The craft beer movement (of which I’m also involved) in Ohio has inspired me to create a movement of craft books. One thing I love about indie books is that readers are the gatekeepers. But there are millions of indie books on Amazon, and it can be hard to find the great indie authors, especially great local authors. (And let’s face it. There is a lot of poor work slapped up, and quite a few scammers are working Amazon to make a quick buck) Wouldn’t it be cool if we could create a network of authors that can help get the word out about the great indie books written by local authors to local readers?

Ohio Indie author group


I’ve created a group for Ohio indie authors on Goodreads, and I’d love for you to join me if you are one. So far, I’m the sole member, but it’s only been about five minutes. 😂

There will be no dues to join. Just support for each other.

One other thing I didn’t like about the other groups I was in was that they only seemed to exist to promote certain authors. You were either one of the top authors or you were a peon that was expected to worship and support those at the top. I want to create a community where everyone receives support with their work and can receive honest feedback and critiques.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I figured I should get off my butt and create the group that I wish existed. Maybe this will be a flop ( like so many other things I do), but if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s always worth giving something a try. Always.

I want to succeed, and I want others to succeed without making promises (that may never happen) and milking authors and aspiring authors of thousands of dollars (don’t we all see those around often enough. Am I right? You know 😉)

Or me anyway until someone else joins.

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