I thought I hated ebooks.

I thought I hated ebooks.

I’m going to say right away that print books are still my favorite way to read.

And I continue to hate reading anything longer than an email, blog post, or article on my phone or my computer.

For quite a while now, I believed reading an ebook was always going to be a horrible experience. I bought a kindle fire years about because I used to travel quite a bit and I thought it would be nice to be able to play games (like Scrabble-even though I suck at it and always lose😂), watch movies, and have some books to read while I was on airplanes or trapped on a long car ride. It was nice for the movies and the games, but I hated reading on the fire.

What did I hate about it? Two things really:

  1. The fire feels heavy. Maybe I’m weak, but it’s just heavy enough to make reading in certain positions uncomfortable.
  2. The glare! I hate it. It doesn’t matter how I adjust the brightness, I can’t see it outside. And any lamp or skylight in my house that hits it the wrong way makes it annoying.

Besides the ability to play games and watch movies on the fire, I liked the price. It’s so much cheaper than the kindle Paperwhite. And I’m into saving money.

My brother told me how much he loved his Paperwhite and I kept thinking, “no way I’m spending money on one because I already know I hate ebooks and how much different from reading on the fire could it really be anyway?”

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Then, one day, a book that I desperately wanted to read was released, and it was available as an ebook only. That book was Unanchored by Stephanie Eding (you can read my review of it by clicking here). I waited for the print version to release. And I waited. But then I decided I couldn’t wait anymore. So, I bought it. Then Amazon Prime Day happened, and with the discounted prices on kindles, I decided to treat myself.


While I didn’t go for the Paperwhite like my brother recommended, I did buy the plain kindle e-reader in white, and I LOVE IT!

I read Unanchored (excellent book, btw) and enjoyed every moment!

The e-reader was light, and the pages looked like real, print pages! It doesn’t have the built in light but I’m always too sleepy to read when it’s getting dark anyway. I’m sure if it ever becomes a problem I can get one of these nifty, little, clip-on lights (And I’ll still be saving money- YAY!)

I am reformed. I love ebooks! Ebooks are cheaper, which appeals to my thrifty nature, so I don’t feel like I’m taking quite as big of a risk as buying a print book. Usually, I get print books at the library anyway, but I’m a slow reader, and if a book is a new release, I can’t always read a book in the time the library gives before a hold is placed, and I have to return it. Now I can get the ebook and enjoy, reading along at my own pace. And btw, when Unanchored comes out in print, I’ll buy a print copy for my bookshelf. If it’s something I know I’ll want to read again or gift to a friend, I still prefer print. I’ll also still be utilizing the library for a large majority of my reading (I rarely read new releases anyway), but it’s nice to know that if a book is only available as an ebook, I don’t have to grumble and roll my eyes.



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8 thoughts on “I thought I hated ebooks.

  1. I am like you.. when the e-readers first came out I got the first edition of the kindle. And then I went completely back to paper books. I just didn’t like it..
    I love my iPad but it’s way too heavy to hold up for any length of time on a kindle app. But I just recently bought a paper white and I love it! It works great for me for reading by the campfire or in bed late at night! 💗

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  2. I have a Fire and an IPad but I still prefer reading physical books. Nothing can replace the feeling of physically turning pages and I don’t have to worry about keeping my book charged on long trips.
    That being said, I do like that I can have instant access to hundreds of books that take up no space in my home.

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  3. I used to hate e-readers too.. still kinda do. I collect books and desire to have a massive library of them one day, so I always prefer to have one in my hands. But I have changed my ways for the duration of my travels! I now have a Kindle for my year abroad, and I can’t say I dislike it – also saving a ton of money on e-books, though I may end up buying my favourites in print form upon my return to England anyway 😂

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