The effects of Winter on my writing.

Hello friends,

Well, there’s one thing I know about myself as a writer for certain and that’s that I’m SO much less productive during winter. I think I’ve finally figured out why that is.



You’d think I can’t go outside and walk or garden or one hundred million other things that might distract me from writing so I’d be bored and have so much time to write.

But I don’t.

It’s dark by five (which usually feels more like 8), and I feel like going to bed. I never feel like writing when I’m tired. Who does?


I’m pretty positive that I don’t really mind the cold during winter. If I’m dressed appropriately (and let’s face it, winter fashion can be fabulously cute), it isn’t bothersome at all. And the snow…I adore it. Look at this video I made the last time it snowed. (Yes, I sometimes spend time doing things others might find weird and pointless 😂 But it was just so beautiful, I wanted to hang on to the feeling I had during this snowfall)

(If the video takes too long to load you can watch it on YOUTUBE by clicking here)


Snow is beautiful and magical! I remember being a little kid in the back seat of the car while my dad drove on snowy nights. I’d stare out the front window at the snow zooming toward us and swooping upwards at the last moment, memorized. It was like flying through space on warp speed in a movie. Amazing!

Now that I know it’s the darkness that gets me down, I’m going to make sure I write earlier in the day. I’m going to keep taking my vitamin D, and I’m not going to get down on myself when I’m in a writing slump.

Spring will return and so will feverish fingers that can’t tap the words away on the keyboard fast enough!


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5 thoughts on “The effects of Winter on my writing.

  1. You’re exactly right — darkness triggers our brains to produce melatonin, which is the chemical that makes us sleepy. I live in the Pacific Northwest so winter here is both dark AND rainy, which is such a buzzkill. I’m exhausted by dinner and really struggle to get any writing done after work. Thank goodness for vitamin D supplements and sun lamps!

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